To be Extra

Islami , Mandiri dan Prestasi

Curriculum Subject Details

Class start from 07.30 A.M until 03.00 P.M on monday – thursday.  on friday class finished at 03.30 P.M. 

at 08.00 P.M – 10.00 P.M you have time to discuss with subjects Teacher about material that you don’t understand in the class.

make schedule with subject teacher before disscuss about the material.

after school you can refresh your mind and body with do some sport, discuss with your friend or just take a walk around the school.

you must already SLEEP at 10.00 P.M and WAKE UP  at 03.30 A.M everyday to pray tahajud.

after tahajud you have free time until subuh.

after jama’ah subuh all of you prepare for amazing day

At 06.00 A.M you must be on canteen for breakfast because at 06.30 A.M you must on the class.

Dormitory activity begin at 06.00 P.M to pray maghrib jama’ah adn continued to Qiraotul kutub , tahsin ora tahfidz.


The Subjects!

Academic Goals
  1. Research paper
  2. Science Olympiad
  3. Top Level University
  4. Competitive Learning Habit
The way made our Character stronger
Qiroatul Kutub
Art of Hadrah

You must have soft skill